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void trackball (float q[4], float p1x, float p1y, float p2x, float p2y)
void add_quats (float *q1, float *q2, float *dest)
void build_rotmatrix (float m[4][4], float q[4])
void axis_to_quat (float a[3], float phi, float q[4])

Function Documentation

void add_quats float *  q1,
float *  q2,
float *  dest

void axis_to_quat float  a[3],
float  phi,
float  q[4]

Definition at line 206 of file trackball.C.

References cos(), sin(), vcopy(), vnormal(), and vscale().

void build_rotmatrix float  m[4][4],
float  q[4]

Definition at line 302 of file trackball.C.

void trackball float  q[4],
float  p1x,
float  p1y,
float  p2x,
float  p2y

Definition at line 160 of file trackball.C.

References axis_to_quat(), tb_project_to_sphere(), TRACKBALLSIZE, vcross(), vlength(), vset(), vsub(), and vzero().

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