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enum  ClipResult { NotClipped, WasClipped }


ClipResult cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d (double *x0, double *y0, double *x1, double *y1, double xmin_, double xmax_, double ymin_, double ymax_)
ClipResult cohen_sutherland_line_clip_i (int *x0, int *y0, int *x1, int *y1, int xmin_, int xmax_, int ymin_, int ymax_)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ClipResult


Result of cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d().


Definition at line 40 of file clip.h.

Function Documentation

ClipResult cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d double *  x0,
double *  y0,
double *  x1,
double *  y1,
double  xmin_,
double  xmax_,
double  ymin_,
double  ymax_

cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d: : x coordinate of first point. : y coordinate of first point. : x coordinate of second point. : y coordinate of second point. : x coordinate of lower left edge of clipping rectangle. : y coordinate of lower left edge of clipping rectangle. : x coordinate of upper right edge of clipping rectangle. : y coordinate of lower left edge of clipping rectangle.

cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d() will clip a line from first point (, ) to (, ) so that it fits into the given min/max bounds of the rectange (, ) - (, ). The line input coordinates will be modified if necessary for clipping.

Returns: ClipResult.

Definition at line 100 of file clip.c.

References BOTTOM, CompOutCode(), FALSE, LEFT, NotClipped, RIGHT, TOP, TRUE, WasClipped, LOC_cohen_sutherland_line_clip::xmax, LOC_cohen_sutherland_line_clip::xmin, LOC_cohen_sutherland_line_clip::ymax, and LOC_cohen_sutherland_line_clip::ymin.

ClipResult cohen_sutherland_line_clip_i int *  x0,
int *  y0,
int *  x1,
int *  y1,
int  xmin_,
int  xmax_,
int  ymin_,
int  ymax_

Definition at line 62 of file clip.c.

References cohen_sutherland_line_clip_d().

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