ProbeScan Class Reference

#include <probe_scan.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ProbeScan ()
 ~ProbeScan ()
int Save (gchar *fname)
int Load (gchar *fname)
int Probe (XSM_Hardware *hw, SPM_Probe_p *prbp)
int Stop ()

Private Attributes

int StopProbeFlg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file probe_scan.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ProbeScan::ProbeScan  ) 

Definition at line 51 of file probe_scan.C.

References Scan::data, DBG_L2, Scan_Param::dz, SCAN_DATA::LoadValues(), PI_DEBUG, SCAN_DATA::s, Scan_UserInfo::SetTitle(), StopProbeFlg, TRUE, SCAN_DATA::ui, SCAN_DATA::Xunit, SCAN_DATA::Yunit, and SCAN_DATA::Zunit.

ProbeScan::~ProbeScan  ) 

Definition at line 63 of file probe_scan.C.

References Scan::data, and SCAN_DATA::SaveValues().

Member Function Documentation

int ProbeScan::Load gchar *  fname  ) 

Definition at line 78 of file probe_scan.C.

References Dataio::ioStatus(), and Dataio::Read().

int ProbeScan::Probe XSM_Hardware hw,
SPM_Probe_p prbp

Definition at line 90 of file probe_scan.C.

References SPM_Probe_p::ACAmp, SPM_Probe_p::ACFrq, SPM_Probe_p::ACMultiplier, SPM_Probe_p::ACPhase, SPM_Probe_p::CIval, PARAMETER_SET::Cmd, Mem2d::CopyFrom(), Mem2d::data, Xsm::data, Scan::data, DBG_L2, SPM_Probe_p::delay, Scan::draw(), DSP_CMD_PROBESCAN, DSP_PRBACAMP, DSP_PRBACFRQ, DSP_PRBACMULT, DSP_PRBACPHASE, DSP_PRBCIVAL, DSP_PRBDELAY, DSP_PRBGAPADJ, DSP_PRBNAVE, DSP_PRBNX, DSP_PRBOUTP, DSP_PRBPANZ, DSP_PRBSRCS, DSP_PRBXE, DSP_PRBXS, FALSE, SPM_Probe_p::GapAdj, gapp, PARAMETER_SET::hp, ID_CH_V_PROFILE, Xsm::Inst, Scan::mem2d, ZData::MkXLookup(), PARAMETER_SET::N, SPM_Probe_p::nAve, SPM_Probe_p::nsrcs, SPM_Probe_p::nx, Scan_Param::nx, Scan_Param::ny, Scan_UserInfo::originalname, SPM_Probe_p::outp, PI_DEBUG, XSM_Hardware::ReadProbeData(), Mem2d::Resize(), SPM_Probe_p::Resize(), SPM_Probe_p::resName, SPM_Probe_p::resTitle, SCAN_DATA::s, SPM_Probe_p::scan, Scan_UserInfo::SetOriginalName(), Scan_UserInfo::SetTitle(), Scan::SetView(), SCAN_DATA::SetXUnit(), SCAN_DATA::SetZUnit(), SPM_Probe_p::srcs, StopProbeFlg, Scan_Param::tEnd, Scan_Param::tStart, SCAN_DATA::ui, HARDWARE_PARAMETER::value, Scan::view, SPM_Probe_p::xE, SPM_Probe_p::xS, App::xsm, ProbeBase::XUnit, XSM_Instrument::ZResolution(), and ProbeBase::ZUnit.

Referenced by DSPProbeControl::CmdStartAction().

int ProbeScan::Save gchar *  fname  ) 

Definition at line 67 of file probe_scan.C.

References Dataio::ioStatus(), and Dataio::Write().

int ProbeScan::Stop  ) 

Definition at line 167 of file probe_scan.C.

References StopProbeFlg, and TRUE.

Referenced by DSPProbeControl::CmdStopAction().

Member Data Documentation

int ProbeScan::StopProbeFlg [private]

Definition at line 101 of file probe_scan.h.

Referenced by Probe(), ProbeScan(), and Stop().

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