SourceChannelStruc Struct Reference

#include <logviewer.h>

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Public Attributes

enum SourceChannelEnum number
gchar * name
gchar * aliasname
gint size
gdouble scaling
gint bitcoding

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file logviewer.h.

Member Data Documentation

gchar* SourceChannelStruc::aliasname

Definition at line 53 of file logviewer.h.

gint SourceChannelStruc::bitcoding

Definition at line 56 of file logviewer.h.

gchar* SourceChannelStruc::name

Definition at line 52 of file logviewer.h.

enum SourceChannelEnum SourceChannelStruc::number

Definition at line 51 of file logviewer.h.

gdouble SourceChannelStruc::scaling

Definition at line 55 of file logviewer.h.

Referenced by scandata::addspectra(), scandata::getmaxvalue(), and scandata::getminvalue().

gint SourceChannelStruc::size

Definition at line 54 of file logviewer.h.

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