gxsm_resoucetable.h File Reference

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void gxsm_init_dynamic_res ()
void gxsm_search_for_palette ()
void gxsm_search_for_HwI ()
void gxsm_check_new_user_config ()

Function Documentation

void gxsm_check_new_user_config  ) 

Definition at line 914 of file gxsm_resoucetable.C.

References XsmRescourceManager::GetStr(), XsmRescourceManager::Put(), and TRUE.

void gxsm_init_dynamic_res  ) 

Definition at line 823 of file gxsm_resoucetable.C.

References MAXPALANZ, XSMRESOURCES::PalPathList, and xsmres.

void gxsm_search_for_HwI  ) 

Definition at line 836 of file gxsm_resoucetable.C.

References XsmRescourceManager::Get(), XsmRescourceManager::GetStr(), HardwareCardList, HardwareCardListCore, and MAX_HWI.

void gxsm_search_for_palette  ) 

Definition at line 854 of file gxsm_resoucetable.C.

References DBG_EVER, XSMRESOURCES::GxsmPalettePath, MAXPALANZ, XSMRESOURCES::PalPathList, select_pnm(), XSMRESOURCES::UserPalettePath, XSM_DEBUG_WARNING, and xsmres.

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