mkicons.C File Reference

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include <fnmatch.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "gxsm/plugin.h"
#include "epsfutils.h"
#include "gxsm/glbvars.h"
#include "mkicons.h"
#include "pyremote.h"
#include "gxsm/action_id.h"

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union  OptIndex


#define MK_ICONS_KEYBASE   "MkIcons"


static void mkicons_init (void)
static void mkicons_about (void)
static void mkicons_configure (void)
static void mkicons_query (void)
static void mkicons_cleanup (void)
static void mkicons_run (GtkWidget *w, void *data)
static void mkicons_run_non_interactive (GtkWidget *w, gpointer mki)
GxsmPluginget_gxsm_plugin_info (void)
int gxsm_select (const struct dirent *item)
void MkIconsPI (MkIconsPIData *mid)


GxsmPlugin mkicons_pi
static const char * about_text
char * Opt_Paper [] = {"A4", "Letter", NULL}
char * Opt_Resolution [] = {"300dpi", "600dpi", "1200dpi", NULL}
char * Opt_ERegression [] = {"no", "E 30% margin", "E 5% margin", NULL}
char * Opt_LRegression [] = {"no", "lin.Reg.", NULL}
char * Opt_ViewMode [] = {"default", "quick", "direct", "logarithmic", "perodic", "horizontal", NULL}
char * Opt_AutoScaling [] = {"default", "auto 5% margin", "auto 20% margin", "auto 30% margin", NULL}
char * Opt_Scaling [] = {"no", "min-max", "Cps-lo-hi", NULL}
char select_mask [256]

Define Documentation

#define MK_ICONS_KEYBASE   "MkIcons"

Definition at line 205 of file mkicons.C.

Referenced by MkIconsPIControl::MkIconsPIControl(), MkIconsPIControl::run(), and MkIconsPIControl::~MkIconsPIControl().

Function Documentation

GxsmPlugin* get_gxsm_plugin_info void   ) 

Definition at line 125 of file mkicons.C.

References GxsmPlugin::description, mkicons_pi, N_, and VERSION.

int gxsm_select const struct dirent *  item  ) 

Definition at line 481 of file mkicons.C.

Referenced by MkIconsPI().

static void mkicons_about void   )  [static]

Definition at line 140 of file mkicons.C.

References about_text, GxsmPlugin::authors, mkicons_pi, N_, GxsmPlugin::name, and VERSION.

static void mkicons_cleanup void   )  [static]

Definition at line 164 of file mkicons.C.

References GxsmPlugin::app, App::ConnectPluginToMkiconsEvent(), and mkicons_pi.

static void mkicons_configure void   )  [static]

Definition at line 152 of file mkicons.C.

References GxsmPlugin::app, GnomeAppService::message(), and mkicons_pi.

static void mkicons_init void   )  [static]

Definition at line 135 of file mkicons.C.

References DBG_L2, and PI_DEBUG.

static void mkicons_query void   )  [static]

Definition at line 158 of file mkicons.C.

References GxsmPlugin::app, App::ConnectPluginToMkiconsEvent(), mkicons_pi, and mkicons_run().

static void mkicons_run GtkWidget *  w,
void *  data

Definition at line 169 of file mkicons.C.

References MkIconsPIControl::run(), and DlgBase::running().

Referenced by mkicons_query().

static void mkicons_run_non_interactive GtkWidget *  w,
gpointer  mki

void MkIconsPI MkIconsPIData mid  ) 

Definition at line 526 of file mkicons.C.

References A4PAPER, Surface::ActivateChannel(), Surface::ActiveScan, Surface::AutoDisplay(), BgERegress(), BgLin1DScan(), Display_Param::bright, EpsfTools::close(), Display_Param::cnttime, Display_Param::contrast, CopyScan(), Display_Param::cpshigh, Display_Param::cpslow, Scan::CpyDataSet(), Scan::create(), Xsm::data, Scan::data, DBG_L2, SCAN_DATA::display, EpsfTools::endimage(), ERR_MATH, ERR_NOFREECHAN, ERR_SORRY, FALSE, Surface::FindChan(), EpsfTools::FootLine(), G_FREE_STRDUP_PRINTF, gapp, Mem2d::GetNx(), gxsm_select(), ID_CH_M_OFF, EpsfTools::init(), IS_SPALEED_CTRL, LETTERPAPER, Surface::load(), MkIconsPIData::mask, Scan::mem2d, MkIconOpt_AutoSkl, MkIconOpt_EReg, MkIconOpt_LReg, MkIconOpt_Paper, MkIconOpt_Resolution, MkIconOpt_Scaling, MkIconOpt_ViewMode, Scan_UserInfo::name, Surface::NewScan(), EpsfTools::NIcons(), MkIconsPIData::nix, Scan_Param::nx, EpsfTools::open(), MkIconsPIData::options, MkIconsPIData::outputname, MkIconsPIData::pathname, PI_DEBUG, Scan::Pkt2d, EpsfTools::placeimage(), EpsfTools::putframe(), EpsfTools::putgrey(), EpsfTools::putsize(), EpsfTools::putticks(), SCAN_DATA::s, SCAN_V_DIRECT, SCAN_V_HORIZONTAL, SCAN_V_LOG, SCAN_V_PERIODIC, SCAN_V_QUICK, EpsfTools::SetPaperTyp(), TR_QuenchScan(), TRUE, SCAN_DATA::ui, Display_Param::ViewFlg, Point2D::x, App::xsm, and XSM_SHOW_ALERT.

Referenced by MkIconsPIControl::dlg_clicked().

Variable Documentation

const char* about_text [static]

Initial value:

 N_("Gxsm Plugin\n\n"
                                   "Printer Plugin + Control.")

Definition at line 121 of file mkicons.C.

GxsmPlugin mkicons_pi

Definition at line 75 of file mkicons.C.

Referenced by get_gxsm_plugin_info(), mkicons_about(), mkicons_cleanup(), mkicons_configure(), and mkicons_query().

char* Opt_AutoScaling[] = {"default", "auto 5% margin", "auto 20% margin", "auto 30% margin", NULL}

Definition at line 201 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_ERegression[] = {"no", "E 30% margin", "E 5% margin", NULL}

Definition at line 198 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_LRegression[] = {"no", "lin.Reg.", NULL}

Definition at line 199 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_Paper[] = {"A4", "Letter", NULL}

Definition at line 196 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_Resolution[] = {"300dpi", "600dpi", "1200dpi", NULL}

Definition at line 197 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_Scaling[] = {"no", "min-max", "Cps-lo-hi", NULL}

Definition at line 202 of file mkicons.C.

char* Opt_ViewMode[] = {"default", "quick", "direct", "logarithmic", "perodic", "horizontal", NULL}

Definition at line 200 of file mkicons.C.


Initial value:

        { "Paper",   Opt_Paper,  "AL", 0 },
        { "Resolution",   Opt_Resolution,  "36C", 1 },
        { "E-Regression", Opt_ERegression, "-Ee", 0 },
        { "L-Regression", Opt_LRegression, "-l",  0 },
        { "View-Mode",    Opt_ViewMode,    "-qdlph", 0 },
        { "Auto-Scaling", Opt_AutoScaling, "-123",  0 },
        { "Scaling",      Opt_Scaling,     "-ac",  0 },
        { NULL, NULL, NULL, 0 }

Definition at line 207 of file mkicons.C.

Referenced by MkIconsPIControl::option_choice_callback(), MkIconsPIControl::run(), and MkIconsPIControl::~MkIconsPIControl().

char select_mask[256]

Definition at line 477 of file mkicons.C.

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