WSxM_ImExportFile Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 WSxM_ImExportFile (Scan *s, const char *n)
virtual FIO_STATUS Read ()
virtual FIO_STATUS Write ()

Private Member Functions

FIO_STATUS WSxMRead (const char *fname)
void WriteInLowEndian (const void *buffer, FILE *stream)
void SetUnit (gchar *sValue, gchar *sUnit, double dValae, double dFactor=1.0)
void ReplaceChar (char *string, char oldpiece=',', char newpiece='.')
void SeparateLine (char *sInput, char *sOutput, char cSeparator=10)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 280 of file WSxM_io.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WSxM_ImExportFile::WSxM_ImExportFile Scan s,
const char *  n

Definition at line 282 of file WSxM_io.C.

Member Function Documentation

FIO_STATUS WSxM_ImExportFile::Read  )  [virtual]

Implements Dataio.

Definition at line 294 of file WSxM_io.C.

References DBG_L2, FIO_NOT_RESPONSIBLE_FOR_THAT_FILE, FIO_OPEN_ERR, Dataio::name, PI_DEBUG, and Dataio::status.

Referenced by WSxM_im_export_filecheck_load_callback().

void WSxM_ImExportFile::ReplaceChar char *  string,
char  oldpiece = ',',
char  newpiece = '.'

Definition at line 841 of file WSxM_io.C.

void WSxM_ImExportFile::SeparateLine char *  sInput,
char *  sOutput,
char  cSeparator = 10

Definition at line 854 of file WSxM_io.C.

void WSxM_ImExportFile::SetUnit gchar *  sValue,
gchar *  sUnit,
double  dValae,
double  dFactor = 1.0

Definition at line 781 of file WSxM_io.C.

References UnitsTable::alias, DBG_L2, UnitsTable::fac, IS_PICO_AMP, PI_DEBUG, WSXM_MAXCHARS, and XsmUnitsTable.

FIO_STATUS WSxM_ImExportFile::Write  )  [virtual]

hier noch richtige Werte

Implements Dataio.

Definition at line 451 of file WSxM_io.C.

References Scan::data, GnomeAppService::file_dialog(), FIO_NO_NAME, FIO_NOT_RESPONSIBLE_FOR_THAT_FILE, FIO_OPEN_ERR, gapp, Mem2d::GetDataPkt(), Mem2d::GetNx(), Mem2d::GetNy(), HeaderInit(), Scan::mem2d, Dataio::name, Scan_Param::nx, Scan_Param::ny, SCAN_DATA::s, and Dataio::scan.

void WSxM_ImExportFile::WriteInLowEndian const void *  buffer,
FILE *  stream

Definition at line 770 of file WSxM_io.C.

FIO_STATUS WSxM_ImExportFile::WSxMRead const char *  fname  )  [private]

Definition at line 328 of file WSxM_io.C.

References buffer, Scan::data, DBG_L2, FIO_NOT_RESPONSIBLE_FOR_THAT_FILE, FIO_OPEN_ERR, HeaderGetAsNumber(), HeaderGetSize(), HeaderInit(), HeaderRead(), IMAGE_HEADER_GENERAL_INFO, IMAGE_HEADER_GENERAL_INFO_NUM_COLUMNS, IMAGE_HEADER_GENERAL_INFO_NUM_ROWS, Scan::mem2d, Scan_Param::ntimes, Scan_Param::nvalues, Scan_Param::nx, Scan_Param::ny, PI_DEBUG, Mem2d::PutDataPkt(), Mem2d::Resize(), SCAN_DATA::s, Dataio::scan, SEEK_SET, and ZD_SHORT.

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