pcs.C File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include "pcs.h"
#include "xsmdebug.h"
#include "gtkspinbuttonsci.h"

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#define EC_INF   1e133
#define XRM_GET_WD(L, V)   tdv = g_strdup_printf ("%g", V); xrm.Get (L, &V, tdv); g_free (tdv)
#define XRM_PUT_WD(L, V)   xrm.Put (L, V);


GtkWidget * make_edit (const gchar *labeltxt, GtkBox *vbox)
static gint ec_gtk_spin_button_sci_output (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
static gint ec_gtk_spin_button_sci_input (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble *new_val)
static void ec_pcs_adjustment_configure (GtkWidget *menuitem, Gtk_EntryControl *gpcs)
static void ec_pcs_populate_popup (GtkEntry *entry, GtkMenu *menu, Gtk_EntryControl *gpcs)


GtkTooltips * remote_pcs_tips = NULL
int total_message_count = 0
int total_message_count_int = 0

Define Documentation

#define EC_INF   1e133

Definition at line 33 of file pcs.C.

#define XRM_GET_WD L,
 )     tdv = g_strdup_printf ("%g", V); xrm.Get (L, &V, tdv); g_free (tdv)

Definition at line 427 of file pcs.C.

#define XRM_PUT_WD L,
 )     xrm.Put (L, V);

Definition at line 453 of file pcs.C.

Function Documentation

static gint ec_gtk_spin_button_sci_input GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble *  new_val

Definition at line 501 of file pcs.C.

References FALSE, and GTK_INPUT_ERROR.

static gint ec_gtk_spin_button_sci_output GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  )  [static]

Definition at line 491 of file pcs.C.

References buf, and TRUE.

static void ec_pcs_adjustment_configure GtkWidget *  menuitem,
Gtk_EntryControl gpcs

Definition at line 515 of file pcs.C.

References Gtk_EntryControl::pcs_adjustment_configure().

static void ec_pcs_populate_popup GtkEntry *  entry,
GtkMenu *  menu,
Gtk_EntryControl gpcs

Definition at line 521 of file pcs.C.

References _, and ec_pcs_adjustment_configure().

GtkWidget* make_edit const gchar *  labeltxt,
GtkBox *  vbox

Definition at line 329 of file pcs.C.

References FALSE, GNOME_PAD, and TRUE.

Variable Documentation

GtkTooltips* remote_pcs_tips = NULL

Definition at line 35 of file pcs.C.

int total_message_count = 0

Definition at line 37 of file pcs.C.

int total_message_count_int = 0

Definition at line 38 of file pcs.C.

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