gtkspinbuttonsci.h File Reference

#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include <gtk/gtkentry.h>
#include <gtk/gtkadjustment.h>

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struct  _GtkSpinbuttonsci
struct  _GtkSpinbuttonsciClass


#define GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI   (gtk_spin_button_sci_get_type ())
#define GTK_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI_CLASS(klass)   (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((klass), GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI, GtkSpinbuttonsciClass))
#define GTK_INPUT_ERROR   -1
#define gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_float   gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value


typedef _GtkSpinbuttonsci GtkSpinbuttonsci
typedef _GtkSpinbuttonsciClass GtkSpinbuttonsciClass


enum  GtkSpinsciType {


GType gtk_spin_button_sci_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST
void gtk_spin_button_sci_configure (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, GtkAdjustment *adjustment, gdouble climb_rate, guint digits)
GtkWidget * gtk_spin_button_sci_new (GtkAdjustment *adjustment, gdouble climb_rate, guint digits)
GtkWidget * gtk_spin_button_sci_new_with_range (gdouble min, gdouble max, gdouble step)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_adjustment (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, GtkAdjustment *adjustment)
GtkAdjustment * gtk_spin_button_sci_get_adjustment (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_digits (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, guint digits)
guint gtk_spin_button_sci_get_digits (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_increments (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble step, gdouble page)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_get_increments (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble *step, gdouble *page)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_range (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble min, gdouble max)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_get_range (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble *min, gdouble *max)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_suffix (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gchar *suffix)
gdouble gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
gint gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_int (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_value (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gdouble value)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_update_policy (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy policy)
GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy gtk_spin_button_sci_get_update_policy (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_numeric (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gboolean numeric)
gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_numeric (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_spin (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, GtkSpinsciType direction, gdouble increment)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_wrap (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gboolean wrap)
gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_wrap (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_snap_to_ticks (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci, gboolean snap_to_ticks)
gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_snap_to_ticks (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)
void gtk_spin_button_sci_update (GtkSpinbuttonsci *spin_button_sci)

Define Documentation

#define GTK_INPUT_ERROR   -1

Definition at line 50 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Referenced by ec_gtk_spin_button_sci_input(), gtk_spin_button_sci_default_input(), and gtk_spin_button_sci_update().


Definition at line 46 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Referenced by gtk_spin_button_sci_configure(), gtk_spin_button_sci_draw_arrow(), gtk_spin_button_sci_expose(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_adjustment(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_digits(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_increments(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_numeric(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_range(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_snap_to_ticks(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_update_policy(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_int(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_wrap(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_adjustment(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_digits(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_increments(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_numeric(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_range(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_snap_to_ticks(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_update_policy(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_value(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_wrap(), gtk_spin_button_sci_size_allocate(), gtk_spin_button_sci_spin(), gtk_spin_button_sci_update(), Gtk_EntryControl::InitRegisterCb(), and Gtk_EntryControl::put_pcs_configuartion().


Definition at line 47 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

#define GTK_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI obj   )     (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST ((obj), GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI, GtkSpinbuttonsci))

Definition at line 44 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Referenced by adjustment_changed_cb(), gtk_spin_button_sci_activate(), gtk_spin_button_sci_button_press(), gtk_spin_button_sci_button_release(), gtk_spin_button_sci_destroy(), gtk_spin_button_sci_enter_notify(), gtk_spin_button_sci_expose(), gtk_spin_button_sci_finalize(), gtk_spin_button_sci_focus_out(), gtk_spin_button_sci_get_property(), gtk_spin_button_sci_grab_notify(), gtk_spin_button_sci_insert_text(), gtk_spin_button_sci_key_release(), gtk_spin_button_sci_leave_notify(), gtk_spin_button_sci_map(), gtk_spin_button_sci_motion_notify(), gtk_spin_button_sci_realize(), gtk_spin_button_sci_scroll(), gtk_spin_button_sci_set_property(), gtk_spin_button_sci_size_allocate(), gtk_spin_button_sci_size_request(), gtk_spin_button_sci_state_changed(), gtk_spin_button_sci_unmap(), gtk_spin_button_sci_unrealize(), Gtk_EntryControl::InitRegisterCb(), and Gtk_EntryControl::put_pcs_configuartion().

#define GTK_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI_CLASS klass   )     (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((klass), GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI, GtkSpinbuttonsciClass))

Definition at line 45 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.


Definition at line 48 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

#define gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_float   gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value

Definition at line 199 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

#define GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON_SCI   (gtk_spin_button_sci_get_type ())

Definition at line 43 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Referenced by gtk_spin_button_sci_new(), and gtk_spin_button_sci_new_with_range().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _GtkSpinbuttonsci GtkSpinbuttonsci

Definition at line 70 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

typedef struct _GtkSpinbuttonsciClass GtkSpinbuttonsciClass

Definition at line 71 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy


Definition at line 52 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

enum GtkSpinsciType


Definition at line 58 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.h.

Function Documentation

void gtk_spin_button_sci_configure GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
GtkAdjustment *  adjustment,
gdouble  climb_rate,
guint  digits

Definition at line 1604 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

GtkAdjustment* gtk_spin_button_sci_get_adjustment GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_adjustment: :

Get the adjustment associated with a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Return value: the GtkAdjustment of

Definition at line 1763 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

guint gtk_spin_button_sci_get_digits GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_digits: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Fetches the precision of . See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_digits().

Returns: the current precision

Definition at line 1804 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_get_increments GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble *  step,
gdouble *  page

Definition at line 1841 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_numeric GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_numeric: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Returns whether non-numeric text can be typed into the spin button. See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_numeric().

Return value: TRUE if only numeric text can be entered

Definition at line 2057 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_get_range GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble *  min,
gdouble *  max

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_range: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : location to store minimum allowed value, or NULL : location to store maximum allowed value, or NULL

Gets the range allowed for . See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_range().

Definition at line 1893 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_snap_to_ticks GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_snap_to_ticks: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Returns whether the values are corrected to the nearest step. See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_snap_to_ticks().

Return value: TRUE if values are snapped to the nearest step.

Definition at line 2174 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

GType gtk_spin_button_sci_get_type void   ) 

Definition at line 156 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy gtk_spin_button_sci_get_update_policy GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_update_policy: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Gets the update behavior of a spin button. See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_update_policy().

Return value: the current update policy

Definition at line 2017 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

gdouble gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Get the value in the .

Return value: the value of

Definition at line 1933 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

gint gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_int GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_value_as_int: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Get the value represented as an integer.

Return value: the value of

Definition at line 1949 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

gboolean gtk_spin_button_sci_get_wrap GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_get_wrap: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Returns whether the spin button's value wraps around to the opposite limit when the upper or lower limit of the range is exceeded. See gtk_spin_button_sci_set_wrap().

Return value: TRUE if the spin button wraps around

Definition at line 2099 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

GtkWidget* gtk_spin_button_sci_new GtkAdjustment *  adjustment,
gdouble  climb_rate,
guint  digits

Definition at line 1634 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

GtkWidget* gtk_spin_button_sci_new_with_range gdouble  min,
gdouble  max,
gdouble  step

gtk_spin_button_sci_new_with_range: : Minimum allowable value : Maximum allowable value : Increment added or subtracted by spinning the widget

This is a convenience constructor that allows creation of a numeric GtkSpinbuttonsci without manually creating an adjustment. The value is initially set to the minimum value and a page increment of 10 * is the default. The precision of the spin button is equivalent to the precision of .

Return value: The new spin button as a GtkWidget.

Definition at line 1665 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_adjustment GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
GtkAdjustment *  adjustment

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_adjustment: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : a GtkAdjustment to replace the existing adjustment

Replaces the GtkAdjustment associated with .

Definition at line 1717 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_digits GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
guint  digits

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_digits: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : the number of digits after the decimal point to be displayed for the spin button's value

Set the precision to be displayed by . Up to 20 digit precision is allowed.

Definition at line 1779 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_increments GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble  step,
gdouble  page

Definition at line 1821 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_numeric GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gboolean  numeric

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_numeric: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : flag indicating if only numeric entry is allowed.

Sets the flag that determines if non-numeric text can be typed into the spin button.

Definition at line 2033 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_range GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble  min,
gdouble  max

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_range: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : minimum allowable value : maximum allowable value

Sets the minimum and maximum allowable values for

Definition at line 1862 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_snap_to_ticks GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gboolean  snap_to_ticks

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_snap_to_ticks: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : a flag indicating if invalid values should be corrected.

Sets the policy as to whether values are corrected to the nearest step increment when a spin button is activated after providing an invalid value.

Definition at line 2145 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_suffix GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gchar *  suffix

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_suffix: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : suffix or unit string appended to number, or NULL to disable

Sets the optional number suffix or unit string for

Definition at line 1913 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_update_policy GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy  policy

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_update_policy: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : a GtkSpinbuttonsciUpdatePolicy value

Sets the update behavior of a spin button. This determines whether the spin button is always updated or only when a valid value is set.

Definition at line 1995 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_value GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gdouble  value

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_value: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : the new value

Set the value of .

Definition at line 1970 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_set_wrap GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
gboolean  wrap

gtk_spin_button_sci_set_wrap: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : a flag indicating if wrapping behavior is performed.

Sets the flag that determines if a spin button value wraps around to the opposite limit when the upper or lower limit of the range is exceeded.

Definition at line 2073 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_spin GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci,
GtkSpinsciType  direction,
gdouble  increment

gtk_spin_button_sci_spin: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci : a GtkSpinsciType indicating the direction to spin. : step increment to apply in the specified direction.

Increment or decrement a spin button's value in a specified direction by a specified amount.

Definition at line 2191 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

void gtk_spin_button_sci_update GtkSpinbuttonsci spin_button_sci  ) 

gtk_spin_button_sci_update: : a GtkSpinbuttonsci

Manually force an update of the spin button.

Definition at line 2272 of file gtkspinbuttonsci.c.

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