MkIconsPIControl Class Reference

#include <mkicons.h>

Inheritance diagram for MkIconsPIControl:

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Public Member Functions

 MkIconsPIControl ()
 ~MkIconsPIControl ()
void run ()
void dlg_clicked (gint button_number)

Static Public Member Functions

static void option_choice_callback (GtkWidget *widget, MkIconsPIControl *mki)

Public Attributes

GtkWidget * SrcPath
GtkWidget * SrcMask
GtkWidget * IconName
GtkWidget ** Options

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file mkicons.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MkIconsPIControl::MkIconsPIControl  ) 

Definition at line 219 of file mkicons.C.

References DBG_L4, XsmRescourceManager::GetStr(), icondata, MK_ICONS_KEYBASE, and PI_DEBUG.

MkIconsPIControl::~MkIconsPIControl  ) 

Definition at line 236 of file mkicons.C.

References DBG_L4, icondata, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::init, MkIconsPIData::mask, MK_ICONS_KEYBASE, MkIconsPIData::name, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::name, MkIconsPIData::options, OptionsList, MkIconsPIData::outputname, MkIconsPIData::pathname, PI_DEBUG, and XsmRescourceManager::Put().

Member Function Documentation

void MkIconsPIControl::dlg_clicked gint  button_number  ) 

Definition at line 432 of file mkicons.C.

References _, DBG_L4, icondata, IconName, MkIconsPIData::mask, MkIconsPI(), MkIconsPIData::nix, MkIconsPIData::outputname, MkIconsPIData::pathname, PI_DEBUG, MyGnomeTools::show_info_callback(), SrcMask, and SrcPath.

void MkIconsPIControl::option_choice_callback GtkWidget *  widget,
MkIconsPIControl mki

Definition at line 425 of file mkicons.C.

References DBG_L2, icondata, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::id, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::init, OptIndex::l, OptIndex::oi, MkIconsPIData::options, OptionsList, PI_DEBUG, OptIndex::s, and OptIndex::x.

Referenced by run().

void MkIconsPIControl::run  )  [virtual]

Implements DlgBase.

Definition at line 255 of file mkicons.C.

References _, DBG_L4, FALSE, XsmRescourceManager::Get(), GNOME_PAD, icondata, IconName, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::init, OptIndex::l, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::list, MkIconsPIData::mask, MK_ICONS_KEYBASE, MKICONSPI_OPTIONS::name, OptIndex::oi, option_choice_callback(), OptionsList, MkIconsPIData::outputname, MkIconsPIData::pathname, PI_DEBUG, OptIndex::s, MyGnomeTools::show_info_callback(), SrcMask, SrcPath, TRUE, and OptIndex::x.

Referenced by mkicons_run().

Member Data Documentation

MkIconsPIData* MkIconsPIControl::icondata

Definition at line 75 of file mkicons.h.

Referenced by dlg_clicked(), MkIconsPIControl(), option_choice_callback(), run(), and ~MkIconsPIControl().

GtkWidget * MkIconsPIControl::IconName

Definition at line 77 of file mkicons.h.

Referenced by dlg_clicked(), and run().

GtkWidget** MkIconsPIControl::Options

Definition at line 78 of file mkicons.h.

GtkWidget * MkIconsPIControl::SrcMask

Definition at line 77 of file mkicons.h.

Referenced by dlg_clicked(), and run().

GtkWidget* MkIconsPIControl::SrcPath

Definition at line 77 of file mkicons.h.

Referenced by dlg_clicked(), and run().

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