DSPMover.C File Reference

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "gxsm/plugin.h"
#include "gxsm/gxsm_app.h"
#include "gxsm/unit.h"
#include "gxsm/pcs.h"
#include "gxsm/xsmtypes.h"
#include "gxsm/glbvars.h"
#include "include/dsp-pci32/xsm/xsmcmd.h"

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union  AmpIndex
class  DSPMoverControl
struct  DSP_Param


#define DSP_AFMMOV_MODES   4
#define ARROW_SIZE   40


static void DSPMover_about (void)
static void DSPMover_query (void)
static void DSPMover_cleanup (void)
static void DSPMover_show_callback (GtkWidget *, void *)
GxsmPluginget_gxsm_plugin_info (void)
xrm Put ("hardpars.MOV_Ampl", hardpars.MOV_Ampl)
xrm Put ("hardpars.MOV_Speed", hardpars.MOV_Speed)
xrm Put ("hardpars.MOV_Steps", hardpars.MOV_Steps)
xrm Put ("hardpars.TIP_nSteps", hardpars.TIP_nSteps)
xrm Put ("hardpars.TIP_Delay", hardpars.TIP_Delay)
xrm Put ("hardpars.TIP_DUz", hardpars.TIP_DUz)
xrm Put ("hardpars.TIP_DUzRev", hardpars.TIP_DUzRev)
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_Amp", hardpars.AFM_Amp)
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_Speed", hardpars.AFM_Speed)
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_Steps", hardpars.AFM_Steps)
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp0", hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[0])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp1", hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[1])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp2", hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[2])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp3", hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[3])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed0", hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[0])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed1", hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[1])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed2", hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[2])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed3", hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[3])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps0", hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[0])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps1", hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[1])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps2", hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[2])
xrm Put ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps3", hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[3])
xrm Get ("hardpars.MOV_Ampl",&hardpars.MOV_Ampl,"20.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.MOV_Speed",&hardpars.MOV_Speed,"4.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.MOV_Steps",&hardpars.MOV_Steps,"100.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.TIP_nSteps",&hardpars.TIP_nSteps,"10")
xrm Get ("hardpars.TIP_Delay",&hardpars.TIP_Delay,"0.1")
xrm Get ("hardpars.TIP_DUz",&hardpars.TIP_DUz,"5")
xrm Get ("hardpars.TIP_DUzRev",&hardpars.TIP_DUzRev,"5")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_Amp",&hardpars.AFM_Amp)
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_Speed",&hardpars.AFM_Speed)
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_Steps",&hardpars.AFM_Steps)
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp0",&hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[0],"3.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp1",&hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[1],"3.5")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp2",&hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[2],"8.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrAmp3",&hardpars.AFM_usrAmp[3],"8.0")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed0",&hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[0],"3")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed1",&hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[1],"3")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed2",&hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[2],"5")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed3",&hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed[3],"5")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps0",&hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[0],"10")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps1",&hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[1],"2")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps2",&hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[2],"100")
xrm Get ("hardpars.AFM_usrSteps3",&hardpars.AFM_usrSteps[3],"100")
static gboolean create_window_key_press_event_lcb (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, GtkWidget *win)


GxsmPlugin DSPMover_pi
static const char * about_text
DSPMoverControlDSPMoverClass = NULL

Define Documentation

#define ARROW_SIZE   40

Definition at line 401 of file DSPMover.C.

Referenced by DSPMoverControl::create_folder().

#define DSP_AFMMOV_MODES   4

Definition at line 329 of file DSPMover.C.

Function Documentation

static gboolean create_window_key_press_event_lcb GtkWidget *  widget,
GdkEventKey *  event,
GtkWidget *  win

Definition at line 403 of file DSPMover.C.

References DBG_L2, FALSE, PI_DEBUG, and TRUE.

Referenced by DSPMoverControl::create_folder().

static void DSPMover_about void   )  [static]

Definition at line 232 of file DSPMover.C.

References about_text, DSPMover_pi, N_, GxsmPlugin::name, and VERSION.

static void DSPMover_cleanup void   )  [static]

Definition at line 244 of file DSPMover.C.

References GxsmPlugin::app, DBG_L2, DSPMover_pi, DSPMoverClass, GnomeAppService::getApp(), GxsmPlugin::menuentry, GxsmPlugin::menupath, and PI_DEBUG.

static void DSPMover_query void   )  [static]

Definition at line 203 of file DSPMover.C.

References GxsmPlugin::app, Xsm::data, DSPMover_pi, DSPMover_show_callback(), DSPMoverClass, XSMRESOURCES::geomsave, GnomeAppService::getApp(), Xsm::hardware, GxsmPlugin::help, GxsmPlugin::menuentry, GxsmPlugin::menupath, N_, GxsmPlugin::name, AppBase::SetResName(), GxsmPlugin::status, App::xsm, and xsmres.

static void DSPMover_show_callback GtkWidget *  ,
void * 

Definition at line 255 of file DSPMover.C.

References DSPMoverClass, and AppBase::show().

Referenced by DSPMover_query(), and sranger_hwi_query().

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps3"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[3],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps2"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[2],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps1"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[1],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps0"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[0],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed3"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[3],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed2"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[2],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed1"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[1],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed0"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[0],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp3"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[3],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp2"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[2],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp1"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[1],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp0"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[0],

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_Steps"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_Steps

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_Speed"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_Speed

xrm Get "hardpars.AFM_Amp"  ,
&hardpars.  AFM_Amp

xrm Get "hardpars.TIP_DUzRev"  ,
&hardpars.  TIP_DUzRev,

xrm Get "hardpars.TIP_DUz"  ,
&hardpars.  TIP_DUz,

xrm Get "hardpars.TIP_Delay"  ,
&hardpars.  TIP_Delay,

xrm Get "hardpars.TIP_nSteps"  ,
&hardpars.  TIP_nSteps,

xrm Get "hardpars.MOV_Steps"  ,
&hardpars.  MOV_Steps,

xrm Get "hardpars.MOV_Speed"  ,
&hardpars.  MOV_Speed,

xrm Get "hardpars.MOV_Ampl"  ,
&hardpars.  MOV_Ampl,

GxsmPlugin* get_gxsm_plugin_info void   ) 

Definition at line 158 of file DSPMover.C.

References GxsmPlugin::description, DSPMover_pi, N_, and VERSION.

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps3"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[3]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps2"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[2]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps1"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[1]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSteps0"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSteps[0]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed3"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[3]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed2"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[2]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed1"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[1]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrSpeed0"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrSpeed[0]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp3"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[3]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp2"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[2]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp1"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[1]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_usrAmp0"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_usrAmp[0]

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_Steps"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_Steps

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_Speed"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_Speed

xrm Put "hardpars.AFM_Amp"  ,
hardpars.  AFM_Amp

xrm Put "hardpars.TIP_DUzRev"  ,
hardpars.  TIP_DUzRev

xrm Put "hardpars.TIP_DUz"  ,
hardpars.  TIP_DUz

xrm Put "hardpars.TIP_Delay"  ,
hardpars.  TIP_Delay

xrm Put "hardpars.TIP_nSteps"  ,
hardpars.  TIP_nSteps

xrm Put "hardpars.MOV_Steps"  ,
hardpars.  MOV_Steps

xrm Put "hardpars.MOV_Speed"  ,
hardpars.  MOV_Speed

xrm Put "hardpars.MOV_Ampl"  ,
hardpars.  MOV_Ampl

Variable Documentation

const char* about_text [static]

Initial value:

 N_("Gxsm DSPMover Plugin:\n"
                                   "This plugin runs a control window to send "
                                   "slider/mover motion commands to the DSP.\n"
                                   "There is a autoapproch control "
                                   "(STM/AFM: Slider and Besocke Type) "
                                   "an a general mover/slider motion control."

Definition at line 149 of file DSPMover.C.

GxsmPlugin DSPMover_pi

Initial value:

        "+spmHARD +srangerspmHARD +Innovative_DSP:SPMHARD +SRanger:SPMHARD +LAN_RHK:SPMHARD +STM +AFM",

        "Percy Zahl",
        N_("DSP Mover"),
        N_("open the DSP Mover controlwindow"),
        "DSP mover control",

Definition at line 125 of file DSPMover.C.

Referenced by DSPMover_about(), DSPMover_cleanup(), DSPMover_query(), DSPMoverControl::ExecCmd(), get_gxsm_plugin_info(), and DSPMoverControl::updateDSP().

DSPMoverControl* DSPMoverClass = NULL

Definition at line 201 of file DSPMover.C.

Referenced by DSPMover_cleanup(), DSPMover_query(), DSPMover_show_callback(), sranger_hwi_spm::ExecCmd(), sranger_hwi_cleanup(), and sranger_hwi_query().

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