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Publications and Presentations

We manage a database of papers and presentations based on data aquired or analyzed with GXSM. All Gxsm users are invited to use this place to present there paper(s), if GXSM was of any use for it.

Sorry, write access to this database is now prohibited due to missuse. Please submit any suggested paper listings to one of the GXSM administrators by Email.


This database is quite incomplete at this time, please help to make it more complete by adding your papers and presentations, you will make the GXSM community more happy. By default only publications are listed.

To expand the full length abstract, click on the title.

Filter options for experts: &filter=author, pfilter and prfilter are possible, example:
Show all Presentations of author "zahl", see URL of this link.

This allows you to use the service to present just your (replace "yourname" below) papers using a proper link with filter setting like this to show only your papers:

	     <a href="
content=papersection&filter=yourname"> show my GXSM related papers </a>

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