converter Class Reference

#include <converter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 converter ()
 ~converter ()
void ConvertDir (converterData *work_it, const gchar *current_dir)
void DoConvert (gchar *pathname, gchar *outputname)
gint readToAct (gchar *fname)
gint writeFromCh (gint Ch, gchar *fname)

Private Member Functions

gchar * strParse (gchar *fname, converterData *check)

Static Private Member Functions

static void concatenate_dirs (gchar *target, const gchar *add)
static void create_full_path (gchar *target, const gchar *source_directory, const gchar *current_dir, const gchar *file)
static void replace_suffix (gchar *target, gchar *new_suffix)

Private Attributes

int m_converted
gchar retStr [MAX_PATH]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file converter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

converter::converter  ) 

Definition at line 214 of file converter.C.

References DBG_L2, and PI_DEBUG.

converter::~converter  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void converter::concatenate_dirs gchar *  target,
const gchar *  add
[static, private]

Concatenate path parts and make sure, that the path in the target array is already terminated with a '/'

Definition at line 220 of file converter.C.

Referenced by create_full_path().

void converter::ConvertDir converterData work_it,
const gchar *  current_dir

current_dir parameter is set to a value not equal 0 in case of recursive traversal of directory tree

Definition at line 260 of file converter.C.

References converterData::convFilter, create_full_path(), converterData::destDir, DoConvert(), m_converted, converterData::m_create_subdirs, converterData::m_overwrite_target, converterData::m_recursive, MAX_PATH, replace_suffix(), converterData::sourceDir, and converterData::writeFormat.

Referenced by converterControl::dlg_clicked().

void converter::create_full_path gchar *  target,
const gchar *  source_directory,
const gchar *  current_dir,
const gchar *  file
[static, private]

Copy the name of the full path to the target array, which must be big enough. file and current_dir do not need to be set.

Definition at line 230 of file converter.C.

References concatenate_dirs().

Referenced by ConvertDir().

void converter::DoConvert gchar *  pathname,
gchar *  outputname

Definition at line 336 of file converter.C.

References Surface::ActivateFreeChannel(), DBG_L2, gapp, PI_DEBUG, and App::xsm.

Referenced by ConvertDir().

gint converter::readToAct gchar *  fname  ) 

Definition at line 359 of file converter.C.

References Xsm::data, Scan::draw(), Surface::FindChan(), gapp, Surface::GetActiveScan(), Scan::GetDataSet(), Surface::gnuimport(), ID_CH_M_ACTIVE, Dataio::ioStatus(), Dataio::Read(), App::spm_update_all(), and App::xsm.

void converter::replace_suffix gchar *  target,
gchar *  new_suffix
[static, private]

Definition at line 246 of file converter.C.

References EXT_SEP.

Referenced by ConvertDir().

gchar * converter::strParse gchar *  name,
converterData check

Generates the full path to the target file

copy the argument

Chop off the suffix of the name

make sure that the directory is with terminating '/'

Definition at line 416 of file converter.C.

References converterData::destDir, EXT_SEP, MAX_PATH, retStr, and converterData::writeFormat.

gint converter::writeFromCh gint  Ch,
gchar *  fname

Definition at line 394 of file converter.C.

References Surface::ActivateChannel(), Surface::FindChan(), gapp, Surface::gnuexport(), ID_CH_M_ACTIVE, Surface::save(), TRUE, and App::xsm.

Member Data Documentation

int converter::m_converted [private]

Definition at line 64 of file converter.h.

Referenced by ConvertDir().

gchar converter::retStr[MAX_PATH] [private]

Definition at line 67 of file converter.h.

Referenced by strParse().

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