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Atomic Force Microscopy

DSP boards

DSP = Digital Signal Processor

Digital Signal Processor and data acqusitation board, here we are using the TMS320 family. The PCI32 is the currently best supported hardware for the old GXSM-1, which runs out of the box. The newer and up-to-date GXSM-2 is still supporting the old DSP boards, but it is best to use the SignalRanger-STD or -SP2 DSP board, see below.

The Gxsm project itself ist hardware independent, but it supplies kernel module (driver) support and DSP software for the following cards:

(A) The (old) ISA-bus card "PC31", still supported by GXSM-1, but out-of-date

  • 50MHz DSP TMS320C31
  • 8x 16bit AD, differential inputs and 2x4 multiplexed, 4x 16bit DA (serial), 200kHz
  • 3x 8bits digital IO (via 8255)
  • 3 additional external timer/counters (via 8254)
  • see PC31 hardware documentation for a complete description.
    see Hardware Docs
  • (B) The (newer) PCI-bus card "PCI32", still supported by GXSM-1 and GXSM-2 (but limited), out-of-date

    • 60MHz DSP TMS320C32
    • 4x 16bit AD, differential inputs, all independent; 4x 16bit DA, 200kHz
    • 16bits digital IO
    • see PCI32 hardware documentation for a complete description.
      see Hardware Docs

    The PCI32 DSP card is available via GBM, Germany (Innovative DSPdistributor).


    The PCI32 cards are not or only hardly/used available. The card is not any longer in production, but they may still build those cards (last status check was 4/2002). The new SignalRanger is strongly recommendet.

    (C) Up-To-Date: Standalone DSP solution "SignalRanger" connected via USB

    Alternative "low cost" but good and very reliable DSP solution: The SignalRanger/Soft dB with a USB connection to the host machine.

    The SignalRanger Linux support project is now in a working stage!

    The Signal Ranger is a fixed point DSP board featuring a 100 MHz TMS320C5402 DSP and a full-speed USB interface, providing fast communication and power supply to the board.


    Input Output


    Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction, a surface analysis tool used in surface science


    Scanning Probe Microscopy, e.g. STM, AFM


    Scanning Tunelling Microscopy

    WRM Piezodrive

    The WRM SPM Piezodrive is used for all SPMs powerd by Gxsm, contact/mail:
    Ing. Buero Walter Reimann, Germany .
    Click here to see it!
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