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SPM and related Instruments, Equipment and Examples

A Besocke STM Head, designed for low temperature, using inside a liquid He Cryostat in UHV, at Colorado School of Mines, Group of P. Sutter

View of our (at CSM) Low Temperature Besocke STM Head:

LT Besocke STM Head LT STM in Cryo
STM Head, inset left: with sample and ramp, STM in Cryostat.

UHV STM and Prep Chamber
UHV STM and Prep. Chamber.

Electronic Setup used by Gxsm

Here, at CSM, we are using the PCI32 Card, the WRM-Piezodrive and a selfbuild "Besocke" Switchpanel and a dedicated selfbuild current amplifier (IVC and Bias Voltage Buffer). Electronic Setup
View of the wired up Piezodrive:
Top: PCI32 AD/DA connection panel
Middle: "WRM Piezo Drive"
Bottom: "Besocke Switch Panel"

The layout of the 19" frontpanels is available in LaTeX format in the CVS, see here Gxsm/Docs/HardwareDoc/.

IVC Box The IVC and Bias Buffer is directly attached to the UHV Feedthrough.

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Surface Science using Gxsm - some Examples:

The popular Silicon (111) surface in 7x7 reconstruction, viewed by STM in constant current mode in UHV, positive bias: Si (111)  7x7 aquired in Hannover, Group of M. Horn- von Hoegen
High Orientated Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG), scanned by STM in air using constant height mode monitoring the tunneling current, cut PtIr tip. (average 1.3nA, modulation amplitude is about 100pA, bias 100mV, atom spacing is 2.5 Angstroem)
Size: 65A x 65A, aquired at the CSM, Group of P. Sutter

Some Silicon (100) impressions, aquired by the STM of the Group of P. Sutter at CSM:

Area (1455A x 910A, original size was (2989x1869 pixels) of a silicon (100) surface, featuring a screw disslocation! The "scratch" on top left was the result of some "tip-improvments"...

Si100 Surface

Detailed view, cropped from original. Size: 319A x 214A

Si100 ScrewDissloc 2D view

same image, rendered in 3D using Gxsm:

Si100 ScrewDissloc 3D MesaGL view

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