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GXSM - How to get it

Access to the GXSM SVN software archive

If you want the cutting edge / development version you can access the developer source code any time directly via SVN and build it your self. There are detailed instructions in the "Installation" section of the GXSM-2 Manual (PDF):

Here are some quick-start hints for the very impatient. The Gxsm source and precompiled DSP-code including all sources are available at SourceForge via SVN:

Debian/Ubuntu Packages -- install directly from

GXSM is now available via the ppa "totto:gxsm" hosted on - Please use the following link to access the informations about the ppa: The packages available are mainly for the latest LTS Ubuntu version. Please visit for installation help and detailed instructions how to install from PPA:

To install GXSM from the PPA hosted at just use your terminal and type:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:totto/gxsm
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gxsm

The kernel packages can then be installed via
sudo apt-get install sranger-modules-mk23-dkms sranger-modules-std-dkms

GXSM on an Ubuntu live remix

For Linux starters and for simple evaluation a live DVD is available here:>Products->GXSM Ubuntu remix provides two live DVD images, for 32 bit systems and for 64 bit systems.
If you want to try out GXSM, please download the ISO-file from this page and burn it on a DVD (by using Nero or similar). Then use this DVD to boot your computer. The linux-system will boot up. If you have a more powerfull hardware you can also run the linux distribution in a virtual enviroment like VMware, VirtualBox or HyperV.

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